Capacity Building Program "Smart Cities"

about the course

  • Online
  • 16 hours
  • Scholarship


This program aims to empower city energy and climate advisors—or to shape this role in the case that it does not exist—through online live lectures by EU and Ukrainian experts as well as intensive individual and peer learning sessions. Participants will be tasked with developing and submitting a practical case paper or an energy plan for their local community under the supervision of convenors and experts.

By the end of the program, participants will complete a concrete project immediately useful to your local community and earn a Green Deal Ukraina certificate, as well as gain a robust network of energy experts through an active alumni network, supported by practical tools and engaging in-person events.


The program consists of:

  • Blokc 1

    Part І: July 15th - July 20th: Introductory (online)

    24 години
    • Welcoming session: introductions from participants and convenors, setting expectations and providing an overview of the program, reading materials, and homework assignments. 
    • Session 1: Energy and Climate Policies: exploring  main goals and strategies, focusing on the vocabulary needed to understand the EU’s climate and energy policy.
    • Session 2: Renewable Policies in the EU and Ukraine, highlighting current trends and future directions in solar and wind energy sectors, discussing strategies, policies, and measures to enhance energy use. 
    • Sessions 3: Data for Local Communities, emphasizing the importance of data in planning, monitoring, and evaluating energy projects, followed by a presentation of the project assignment.
  • Blokc 2

    Part ІІ: July 22nd – July 25th: Lviv Summer School (offline)

    24 години
    • FSR Module 1: The Energy Transition and the Role of Local Communities, including governance and regulation, complemented by group work to apply these concepts.
    • FSR Module 2: Digitalization and New Technologies, offering insights into the impact of digital tools on energy management. Practical visit to the City of Lviv for discussions with local energy and climate advisors.
    • FSR Module 3: Distribution Networks and Renewable Energy. Participants will also be introduced to the “My Clean City Now” plan, emphasizing project development.
    • FSR Module 4: Energy Efficiency, Buildings, and District Heating, discussion on the summer school’s insights and a formal wrap-up before departure.
  • Blokc 3

    Part ІІІ: July 29th – August 8th: Elaborating Smart City Project (online)

    24 години
    • Expert discussions on funding opportunities and on twinning.
    • Individual project work with the support of the convenors, enabling participants to apply the concepts learnt and develop their initiatives.
    • Submission of individual project work, culminating the practical part of the program.Presentations of 10 selected projects for plenary discussion, sharing insights and outcomes.
    • Final examination, feedback session, and the distribution of certificates, concluding the comprehensive learning experience.

Для кого цей курс

  • Members of local councils responsible for community energy policy

  • Heads of departments and offices for energy, environment and community development

  • Experts and specialists in the field of energy

  • Energy Advisors

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