English for Energy Markets Course

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  • Online
  • 12 weeks
  • Paid

The online educational course “English for Energy Markets” is designed for energy sector professionals and energy-related specialists who want to learn relevant English needed for their studies and work.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate confirming your completion of the course (the best participants will receive a certificate with honors).


Classes will be held twice a week, with one lesson lasting 2 hours (including a break). We determine the days and times of classes according to the group’s request. Classes will be held in Zoom, and training materials will be available on the Google Classroom platform.


Course program

  • Blokc 1

    1. Fundamentals of energy and energy industry

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 2

    2. Ukraine's energy sector and energy security in Ukraine

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 3

    3. EU legal system: directives, regulations, decisions, and network codes

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 4

    4. Evolution of the EU energy law and Green Deal

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 5

    5. Black energy: coal, oil, and gas

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 6

    6. Gas transportation projects and security

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 7

    7. Renewables overview

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 8

    8. Renewables: solar energy

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 9

    9. Hydrogen and e-mobility

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 10

    10. Nuclear energy

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 11

    11. World green initiatives and greenwashing

    1.5 година
  • Blokc 12

    12. Discoveries, inventions, innovations in the energy industry

    1.5 година

The course is suitable for

  • professionals in the energy sector

  • specialists interested in the energy sector

  • state employees

  • representatives of local communities

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