EU Energy Law and Regulation (Season 2)

The course provides a high level understanding of the fundamentals and logic of the legal framework for energy markets functioning in the EU, covering the basic principles of the decision-making process, objectives and current results of market liberalization, basic notions and objectives of the EU energy law.

The course further offers panoramic view to the legal and policy framework in which the EU liberalized energy market is regulated, the purpose and instruments of such regulation, tariffs setting approaches, PSO regime, functions, responsibilities and priorities of the national regulatory authorities, ACER, national governments, European Commission and other stakeholders.
The School's pilot training course EU Energy Law and Policy is supported by the German Economic Team, with the financial backing of German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

EU Energy Law and Regulation (Season 2)

Target audience

The course audience is the mid-level public officials, namely the heads and deputy heads of the directorates, expert groups, departments, offices and units (and their peers) employed with the bodies and authorities that are directly or indirectly responsible for the development and implementing the energy sector policy and governance.

What we offer

Within the course the participants will have:

  • Unique for Ukraine curriculum on the fundamentals of the EU Energy Law and Regulation;
  • Time-optimized learning:
    • July 6 - July 15 -- preliminary reading (Eng/Ukr); and
    • July 16, 17 and 18 -- Zoom-class exercises with instructors (Eng/Ukr)
  • Highly professional instructors from the EU universities and regulatory schools;
  • The interactive and exciting learning process in action with facilitation support;
  • Approximately 50 participants in a balanced group with a diverse professional background to ensure networking opportunities;
  • Adjustment of material to fit the group's particular requests and feedback;

Enrollment requirements

Eligible candidates for this course:

  • Serve in the public sector of Ukraine and are directly related to the energy sector in her or his work;
  • Embrace the principles of European integration and free markets;
  • Are ready to invest her or his personal and working time (July 16-18, 2020)
  • Are motivated to learn in various formats and implement changes in their work after course completion;
  • Fill in the application form.

The course intake will be composed from all eligible candidates by the selection committee consisting of KSEP management, donor representatives and Government of Ukraine representatives, as the case may be.

Join the course

The School's aim is to foster the creation of a community of new specialists in public administration in the energy sector who are geared and motivated to implement the EU energy legislation in Ukraine.

The School's pilot training course EU Energy Law and Policy is supported by the German Economic Team, with the financial backing of German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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EU Energy Law and Regulation (Season 2)