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Answers to the questions

  1. What can I gain from completing the course of EU energy law and regulation

    The course of EU Energy Law and Regulation is a pilot training product of Kyiv School of Energy Policy. Ukraine's energy sector is currently undergoing the active period of reforming that requires Ukrainian specialists to have a comprehensive understanding and deep knowledge of EU energy sector structure. You can find out more about the course curriculum by clicking here. 
    DiXi Group, in cooperation with partners, developed a balanced and intensive training programme. By participating in course you can enhance the network of professional contacts in the energy field. After successfully completing the training and taking part in all compulsory stages of the course, you will become a part of the KSEP alumni network. You will also get a discount on KSEP fee-based courses, that are currently under development.

  2. Who decides on the selection of participants and what is the procedure therefor?

    The course intake will be composed from all eligible candidates by the selection committee consisting of KSEP management, donor representatives and Government of Ukraine representatives, as the case may be.

    Eligible candidates for this course:

    • Serve in the public sector of Ukraine and are directly related to the energy sector in her or his work;
    • Embrace the principles of European integration and free markets;
    • Are ready to invest her or his personal and working time (July 16-18, 2020)
    • Are motivated to learn in various formats and implement changes in their work after course completion;
    • Fill in the application form.
  3. Will I get a certificate?

    After participating in all stages of training and successfully passing the course, you will get the certificate of the Kyiv School of Energy Policy.

  4. How much does it cost to take part in EU Energy Law and Regulation course?

    Due to the program's complete transition to the online format and lifting of restrictions on the number of group members, the organizational fee does not apply to the second intake of the program. Hooray!

  5. What is the duration of EU energy law and regulation course?

    EU Energy Law and Regulation is a 2-weeks distance learning course that consists of 2 stages:

    • 1.5 weeks of preliminary reading (Eng/Ukr); and
    • 3 days of Zoom-class exercises with instructors (Eng/Ukr)