Strategic Transformations in Energy Markets

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Strategic Transformations in Energy Markets

Who is this course for?

  • middle managers and executives of energy companies,

  • novice traders and traders on non-energy exchanges who want to understand the economic and legal framework for the functioning of the reformed gas and electricity markets,

  • mid-level managers who look for a deeper understanding of energy markets.

This course will be a great asset if you require to:

  • better understand the energy market landscape, the interests and strategies of participants in the reformed energy markets,

  • analyze successful strategic and tactical cases of European energy companies and discuss the likelihood of their application in Ukraine,

  • master the basics of innovative technology markets economics,

  • learn about the features of investing in new smart energy and energy startups.

How long is the course?

3 months starting Q1 2021.

3 months of training will be organized in weeks A and B.

Weeks A: Tuesday, Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm
Weeks B: Friday from 7 pm to 10 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm

Training modules

  • Module 1. Architecture and strategies in energy markets

    Infrastructure for markets (Energy, networks and systems)
    - Theory of regulation in network sectors of the economy
    - Energy as a product and basics of network technologies
    - Physical, technological, and political architecture of energy systems in the EU, the USA, and Ukraine

    Market participants (energy supply chains)
    - Private and public sector in energy. Roles and powers of ministries and regulators in Ukraine and the EU
    - Market architecture in the electricity and gas sectors. Models of the EU, the USA, and Ukraine
    - Physical and economic supply chains in global and regional markets

    Market design in the EU and Ukraine (law, policy and regulation)
    - Energy policy in the EU: priorities, tools, beneficiaries
    - Energy packages, market liberalization and the European Green Deal in the EU
    - Integration of Ukrainian energy in the EU: basics and opportunities for business

    Case studies (Ukraine or EU)


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  • Module 2. Economics of energy markets

    Tariffs and prices in energy markets
    - Tariff formation in transmission, transportation and distribution
    - Pricing and price factors for electricity and gas
    - Exchange and over-the-counter trading (energy exchanges, OTC, markets of two-sided agreements)

    Price analysis and forecasting
    - Types of trading operations and instruments
    - Demand and supply factors in global and local energy markets
    - European energy hubs, impact on prices in Ukraine

    State influence in energy markets
    - Regulatory and political influence on the market, investor protection
    - State aid under EU and Ukrainian legislation
    - Fundamentals of energy security and its impact on the market

    Case study


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  • Module 3. Innovative business models in energy

    Overview and global trends of low-carbon development
    - SDG 7 (global development goal №7). Global energy policy
    - Energy transition in the EU and Ukraine

    Innovative business models (increasing efficiency in traditional energy businesses)
    Case studies of innovation strategy

    Innovative business models (storage systems)
    Case studies of innovation strategy

    Innovative business models (e- and in-mobility)
    Case studies of innovation strategy

    Innovative business models (smart accounting and distributed generation)
    Case studies of innovation strategy

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  • Extra-module learning

    Graduation project
    Practice / Networking

    Option 1: 2-day-long study trip by bus with a visit to the energy cooperative and SES.
    Option 2: off-the-record dinner with the CEO of a big Ukrainian energy company.

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The school was established to support the functioning of a new community of experts in public energy management in Ukraine, able and motivated to implement EU energy legislation in Ukraine.

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Strategic Transformations in Energy Markets

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