Module 1. Architecture and strategies in energy markets

2 лис, 2020

Infrastructure for markets (Energy, networks and systems)
- Theory of regulation in network sectors of the economy
- Energy as a product and basics of network technologies
- Physical, technological, and political architecture of energy systems in the EU, the USA, and Ukraine

Market participants (energy supply chains)
- Private and public sector in energy. Roles and powers of ministries and regulators in Ukraine and the EU
- Market architecture in the electricity and gas sectors. Models of the EU, the USA, and Ukraine
- Physical and economic supply chains in global and regional markets

Market design in the EU and Ukraine (law, policy and regulation)
- Energy policy in the EU: priorities, tools, beneficiaries
- Energy packages, market liberalization and the European Green Deal in the EU
- Integration of Ukrainian energy in the EU: basics and opportunities for business

Case studies (Ukraine or EU)